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Why Unleash the Potentials of Our Right Brain?

Relative to ordinary children, children who are versed at using their right brain possess enhanced concentration, rich imagination, amazing memory and are geared with photographic or illustrated cognition, improved creativity and premonition. Children who are versed at utilizing their right brain are generally more empathetic, easy-going, sensitive to the environment around them, great helpers, rich in experience, emotionally intelligent, linguistically expressive and highly insightful.

Former China First Ranking Vice Premier, Li Lanqing’s Testimonial:
Unleashing the power of the right brain is the essence of quality education. This is because the potential of the right brain far exceeds that of the left brain. Lacking or absence of quality education would result in dire consequences. By this virtue, it is imperative that educators probe into in-depth research pertaining to the potential of human’s right brain. Assuming a forward-looking perspective, it is predicted that the coming decade would be the era of right brain development. Nations that are capable of successfully attaining a breakthrough in such area are likely to have an edge against nations that are lagging behind.

Japanese Right Brain Specialist, Prof. Makoto Shicinda:
Memories stored within the left brain are generally cluttered and are easily forgotten or lapsed into extinction. On the contrary, the capability of memory retention of the right brain is such astounding to the extent where the difference can be depicted in a ratio of 1 : 1 million.
Testimonial from participating students and parents:
I have known the fact that right brain development is deemed increasingly important among foreign nations. I have also read a multitude of relevant books and articles with respect to this. Upon knowing that such course is available, I immediately enrolled my child into it. At approximately similar prices relative to other ordinary courses, the benefits my child garnered through the course is far beyond my expectation. (Mother of a 6 years old child)

Prior to embarking in this course, my child has been a laggard in his schoolwork, has bad memory and low concentration in class. Despite being enrolled in numerous external courses and tuitions, little improvements were made. I was skeptical about right brain development at first. However, after enrolling my child into such course, I observed a significant improvement and progression in terms of my child’s academic performance. Much to my surprise, my child likes the right brain development courses very much. On top of that, the educators are extremely professional and nurturing. (Father of a standard 5 child)








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